Insane pictures that make you close your eyes.

The human species is pretty strange and craziest creatures in this world. We do so many activities that are very strange when we think about thm. Some of us do stupid things to make other happy and some of us do stupid things to make others sad.
We present you some of the craziest thing human being can possibly do to make you scram no or close your eyes.

Are you looking for heaven? If you are looing for heaven, you are looking at the wrong thing. This will only take you to the hell.  

This guy is trying to extract alcohol from pee. Good luck.

I want water but water wants me.

This is whole new way to wax your chest hair. Your girlfriend will be very proud of you. Roasted flavour waxing. 

This is called tech evolution. I think this guy has a flying cycle patent. 

Who Wants complimentary snake? 

Best way to get rid of cold.

Once I wake you guys have to teach me how to eat without teeth. 

I am confused, which is better taste or smell.

Best way to dig coffin for yourself. 

I am the boss, I make the rules.

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